Scientific Analysis, Traceability and Study of Artworks

IR continuous laser and UV pulsed laser in a Raman system

Objectives of our research

  1. Designing and developing a three-input optical head for an alternative use of IR continuous laser, UV pulsed laser and white light source to visualize the point of incidence.
  2. Application of fuzzy logic techniques and principal component analysis to the recognition of spectra and the automatic identification of Raman bands of pigments.
  3. Theoretical and experimental characterization of unintended effects in the Raman spectrum of a mixture of various pigments.
  4. Development of a pigment database according to historical recipes and processes of synthesis. This pigment database will contain both historical and analytical information.
  5. Direct analysis with Raman spectroscopy of important collections of the Museo Frederic Marès de Barcelona and the Museo Picasso de Barcelona.