Scientific Analysis, Traceability and Study of Artworks


 The traceability of an artwork by non-invasive molecular characterization at various points (as many times as required) guarantees the non-handling and non substitution of the artwork. The different results are compared between them revealing, if they do not match, the area or areas where an alteration took place.

For example, a museum insurance company requested traceability of an artwork that must be loaned to a temporal exhibition. ACTIO makes a molecular analysis in a specific number of points distributed over the surface of the artwork and the coordinates keys are shared with the insurance company. The museum loans the artwork and when it is returned, the insurance company requests to remake the molecular analysis at the same coordinates, comparing these results with the previous ones. If not spectral variations had been produced means that the artwork has been returned in the same conditions.

Allocation of the analysis points


 Raman analysis on preset points


 Raman analysis on the same points. Any change indicates the area of the artwork that has been manipulated.