Scientific Analysis, Traceability and Study of Artworks

Courses and seminars

Photonics in non destructive analysis of artworks


1. New photonic Technologies for non destructive analysis of artworks 

2. New performances of Raman spectroscopy in the direct analysis of artworks 

3. Pulsed laser radiation: laser cleaning (IR and UV) and optimum acquisition of Raman spectra 

4. Practical experiences in laboratory

Topic 1

1. Introduction: Photonics in Art at the UPC

2. Fundamental concepts

3. Laser applications in art

4. Raman spectroscopy: non destructive pigment identification

5. IR reflectometry: under drawing

6. Laboratory set-up

7. Some experimental cases

Topic 2

1. A new generation Raman spectroscopy equipment

2. Documental library of pigments: analytical and historical information

3. Fundamental problems in Raman spectra: fluorescence and pigment mixtures

4. Analysis of patrimonial artworks

Topic 3

1. Pulsed lasers in Art: laser cleaning (I.R. and U.V.)

2. Laboratory set-up

3. Quality improvement of Raman spectra with microcleaning

4. Measure of spectral quality (SNR)

5. Hopeful results

Topic 4

1. Raman spectroscopy systems

2. Pulsed laser (IR and UV)

3. Stereomicroscopy (up to 600x)

4. IR reflectometry

5. Practical examples


The duration of this course is about 16 hours