Scientific Analysis, Traceability and Study of Artworks

Art schools

More than 300 artworks of diverse epochs, from Iberian votive until oils painted during the second third of the twentieth century, have been scientifically analyzed. Our laboratory has housed paintings, carvings, maps, dioramas, drawings and ceramics. Thus, there are many schools of art that we have studied and some of their authors:

  • S. Anguissola
  • Tiziano
  • Luís de Morales
  • F. Francken
  • D. Teniers
  • G.B. Langetti
  • L. Giordano
  • G.B. Tiepolo
  • F. de Goya
  • G. Courbet
  • C. Monet
  • H. Anglada Camarasa
  • R. Casas
  • I. Nonell
  • J. Mir
  • M. Urgell
  • P. Ruiz Picasso
  • J.Gris, A. Exter
  • L. Popova
  • I. Puni
  • V. Lebedev
  • N. Kogan
  • J. Miró 
  • J. Torres-García, among others.